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          Member Benefits

          Book Now

          I. Ways of Membership

          Membership level Way of acquisition
          Ordinary member Register for free on the official website of Jinjiang Hotel/Wechat Subscription;
          Fill in the application for membership.
          Gold Card member Ordinary members will automatically upgrade to Gold Card members if their consumption points reach 30,000 points.The membership of the Gold Card can be obtained by paying RMB 500 yuan exchange fee.

          II. Member Interest

          Membership level Membership discount
          Ordinary member Room charge 5% off, catering consumption 5% off
          Gold Card member Room charge 12% off, catering consumption 12% off
          * Room discount is limited to room rate discount.
          * Restaurant discounts do not include the consumption of shopping malls, Japanese cuisine and hairdressing rooms, special dishes, cigarettes, drinks and large-scale activities, and can not be enjoyed at the same time with other promotional activities.

          III. Membership Points

          Rules for calculating membership points 1.Only members can get points if they check in at the hotel's approved price.
          2.Every room charge of RMB 1, 1 member point.
          3.The cumulative points are limited to room charges, excluding room bars, laundry, long distance telephone calls, room meals and other charges.
          Rules for the Use of Membership Points 1.Membership points can be converted into hotel room vouchers and dining consumption vouchers. For more information, please consult the "Jinbin Hui" member service center (contact: 189 8058 1958)
          2.Membership points can not be exchanged with other promotions and deductions at the same time enjoy, converted goods do not accumulate points;
          3.Breakfast is not included in all rooms converted by points. No invoice is provided for all items converted.

          Ⅳ、Exchange of Membership Points

          Convertible products Points required for conversion
          Deluxe Room 30,000分
          Business Room 35,000points
          Executive Room 40,000points
          VIP City View Room 47,500points
          Executive Suite 75,000points
          Ambassador Suite 100,000points
          * For more details, please consult Jinbin Hui Member Service Center (Tel: 189 8058 1958).

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